Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Last night I dreamt I was playing guitar with chopsticks

Sunday, October 6, 2013

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Friday, September 6, 2013

Reese's Relapse.

Contributing factors:
I don't know.

And it's not like I was just strolling down the candy aisle at CVS and happened to see the bag.

I SPECIFICALLY went there with the intention of doing it. I knew the bag would be empty by the next night.

In a weird way, I'm actually proud of myself for not buying two bags because there was a deal.

(ignore the Three Musketeers wrappers)
(that's another story)
(it's the same story. I used the deal.)
(but at least it wasn't for Reese's and I'll probably throw the rest away because they taste like nothing)

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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Deus Ex Machina To Blame For Universal Thinking

Because why solve a problem if it's going to solve itself?

Another literary device used by the bourgeoisie to convince "the masses" that nothing in life requires action.
That inescapable corner you've backed yourself into?
Leave it to God--
Or whoever runs the show these days.

It's not that we can't bear to see the hero lose, it's just;
Where would that leave us if they did?

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Is Social Media Turning Us Into Narcissistic Monsters?

It just attracts narcissistic monsters.
Well actually it's both. Since there's never an answer to anything.

There was a study done at the University of Texas - Austin about which personality traits lead people to use social networking sites (i.e., everyone). Specifically, they focused on extroversion and emotional stability.

A positive correlation existed between extroversion and social media use, however results showed a negative correlation between emotional stability and social media use.

"People high in neuroticism had greater instant messaging use. The authors speculate this preference over face-to-face interaction was because the instant messaging permitted additional time to contemplate responses, making it easier for more neurotic people to communicate with others."

Then, they narrowed it to gender. "Men with greater degrees of emotional instability were more regular users." It turns out only men showed a negative correlation. There was no correlation between the two for women. Additionally, there was a negative correlation between life-satisfaction and social media use for men, but there was no correlation for women. Why is this?
The study brings up an interesting point; people originally used the internet for communication because it allowed anonymity of the user. Now, it's used for validating identity.
But now that social networking has removed that anonymity, and become a place to communicate with people you already know, it has attracted more extroverts.

Personally, I use social networking sites (except Facebook because it's too complicated. I'm old.) more when I feel the need to "keep up" with other people. Which is the most annoying reason ever. I think it correlates with "life-satisfaction" and "emotional stability" even though it's not supposed to because I'm a woman (according to the "study"). But I don't use Twitter and Instagram as frequently when I have a life and am busy doing life-style things.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Cryonics; Bottomless Problems. Happy Hour: Now - The End of Time.


Reasons why not:

1) Do you really think that if someone from 1913 woke up in the year 2013, they'd be excited and happy about it? NO. THEY'D BE SCARED AND HAVE A F***ING BREAKDOWN. It would be THE MOST OVERWHELMING THING IN THE WORLD.

2) Do you really think being immortal would be FUN? It seems like torture. Knowing that you will literally be alive and conscious FOREVER? With NO END? What would be the point of doing anything in a timely manner.

3) Also, the planet would become over-populated if cryonic crazies "cured death" (since it's a "disease").

4) Everyone would be even more sad and have an even greater sense of "loss" when their loved one died, if they couldn't afford to have them preserved cryonic-style.

Time would become obsolete. And the world's resources would run out. Why would you want to "live" to see the destruction of humanity/the world anyways? Why would you want to live to see the sun explode? (even though it sounds cool now).

Immortality is like Communism, it completely strips you of that (usually miniscule) drive you have to create. Nothing would get done. Death is an incentive. It's why we do things while we're alive.

All in all, if cryonics did somehow end up working, which it won't, it would be another stupid addition to the endless drawbacks of being human / the human condition.